Consolidating student loans july

20-Dec-2017 15:26

This site does not negotiate, adjust or settle debts.

All federal student borrowers are able and encouraged to apply for any federal repayment or forgiveness programs through the US Department of Education without paying fees to any entity.

All telephone numbers listed connect to 3rd party private companies not controlled by Student Debt Relief offering fee-based services to assist with application preparation for federal student loan and other programs.

The following Federal Student Loans from the Direct Loan and Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Programs are the ones that qualify for application: If you do not have one of these loan types, you may still be eligible for the IBR by consolidating your federal student loans into the Direct Loan program. If your new monthly payment isn’t large enough to pay the accruing interest on the subsidized portion of your direct loan, the Federal government will pay it for you for a period of up to but no more than three consecutive years once you begin your Income Based Repayment program.

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