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So I love it because Mitsouko is one of my favourites. It needs a couple of hours to blossom into a real beauty, at least on me, but she is wonderful.

For me there is more cinnamon and less fruit but very nice. I will give her way more attention from now on than in the past.

I really love vintage Mitsouko extrait too and actually have an affinity towards Guerlains in general, but I'm starting to love this one more. I love how Suzanne S put it when she said it smells "lived in". There's definitely something animal in here but it's not a dirty animal. I don't get a 'lady bits' vibe, a la Putain des Palaces, at all. Twist off clear plastic cap with Marcel Rochas Paris on top, and a burgundy ribbon with tiny goldtone cameo on the neck. No main box, just the black and white lace print pedestal.

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Considering the fact that I usually have a problem with most of the fruits in perfumes, I find it fascinating.) *silage: arms lenght *longevity: long lasting (8 hours, generously aplied) *weather, time: For me, this is strictly colder weather scent, starting from late-autumn. Day, but works perfectly as seriously elegant night scent.My current bottle still smells like Femme to me - spicy, woody, animalic.. Today is so grey and windy but I feel confident wrapped in wool and perfumed with that often forgotten beauty. This fragrance is mature, serious, but at the same time lascivous to the core, without being obscene.I originally wrote this review to try & balance those of Gigi The Fashionista/Southern blonde/ Parfumee/Lucia Lawson/Aurora Mccandless/Shauna Parra/Carolyn Parker etc, which are frankly all over the place. As many of the vintage classics, Femme takes her time to open, develop and settle, so don't be the inexperienced nose and judge on the first whifs. The opening is dominated by meaty/fleshy (not fresh/light!The notes are: bergamot, peach, pear, rose, an immortal, jasmine, ylang-ylang, grey amber, musk, oakmoss and sandal. I don't get any summery fruit cocktail/sun dress association from this at all. Food spices like cumin or cinnamon, if strong and well pronounced as here in Femme, are a big no no in my perfumes. Unless I'll become a doe-eyed, every day curry eater with a lot of cleavage to rejoice (which is unlikely), I just can't see myself feel comfortable to wear this in public places. In a way it makes me think of the smell of skin, sort of peachy-musky.

My Granny often used a phrase to describe very glamorous seductive women, she used to say "they're all fur coat & no knickers" - nothing wrong with that ! The ONLY perfume I can wear without feeling a little bit sick is Rochas Femme. I am a firm believer that perfume should not be gendered BUT I think Femme really is traditionally uber feminine. Elizabeth Taylor was a glamorous sex goddess, but also a loving mother and funny, smart woman.If you want to experience cumin and spices smelling extremely sexy.. Its animalic, mossy, cumin/body smell that makes it warm and lived in. This is fruitier, and more "juicy" than dry-mossy Mitsouko- but they def are similar.