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15-Aug-2017 18:25

We like to think of it as the perfect combination of The Bachelor (sans roses), Big Brother (recording your every move) with a dusting of Survivor ( the whole living on an island thing).The show sends six men and six women to a deliciously hot tropical location for six weeks.And the battle of the bathers has flared up again with a Sydney shop's radical 'board short buy-back scheme,' offering to swap swimming shorts for their ultra-tight Lycra briefs.The campaign is touted as a national push to 'free the thighs of our nation' by ridding Australia of the 'curtains of shame' – and it's making a big splash on social media.'Today we are launching a nation-wide board short buy-back scheme to free the thighs of our nation.The guys and gals need to pair up - whether it is for love or friendship - and at the end only one couple can win the cash prize.But like all good reality shows, there's a big old catch.Shop our latest collections, follow news & videos of Mikey Wright, Jeremy Flores, Travis Rice and others.

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Along with a series of challenges set for each couple to prove their couple potential, every week there is a re-coupling where he cast, known as The Islanders, can remain with their original partner or have a case of musical dating chairs and switch it up.

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